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About The Product


Golf movement understands the importance of having great fundamentals in order to produce a repetitive golf swing. This is why we invented Da Vinci's belt.

DaVinci's Belt is the first training aid that is tailored to a golfer's anatomy in order to ensure that they get into the perfect set up position every time.

With the use of our "three port system" and "core connector" golfer's can intuitively learn the correct set-up position for every club found in their bag. The "three port system" gives golfers a first-hand perspective on how their hand and ball position changes from driver to wedge. Understanding how your posture affects the plane on which the golf club travels is crucial when trying to hit the ball straight.

The core connector ties a resistance band to the butt end of your golf club allowing instant feedback to reinsure the intended plane and path of the golf club are traveled. DaVinci's Belt instructs golfers on the proper sequencing in the down swing, creating huge amounts of lag. Golfers can immediately feel and see the amount of energy that is stored in the golf club as well as when and how the energy should be released. This improves accuracy as well as promotes an increase in distance.

"Heighten your awareness. Accelerate your progression. Lower your scores."


Golf Movement LLC warrants to the original consumer purchaser Da Vinci’s Belt to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for 1 year. This warranty does not cover damages resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, anticipated wear, lost merchandise or damage from elements. Do not leave products outside for extended exposure to the sun, snow and rain as this will naturally degrade them. Damage of this nature is not covered under warranty. If the product breaks within the warranty period please contact us through our website email at the top right hand corner of the website, available on every page. All shipping costs on all returns will be at the buyers expense and is only valid in the USA.